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Alfalfaas afertilizer

Plants extract minerals from the soil and when the season ends, these minerals need to be replenished. This means that the soil no longer contains the substances to provide enough nutrition for the growth of your plants. Fruits and vegetables are vulnerable to soil depletion if the soil is not supplemented with fertilizers. However, finding fertilizer without chemicals is difficult. Timmerman’s alfalfa pellets can be the solution for this. The alfalfa is grown in an organic way, which means that no chemicals and fertilizers are used during cultivation.

Timmerman alfalfa’s benefits for your plants and lawn:

  • An excellent source of nitrogen
  • Stimulates growth and builds up organic matter
  • Easy to use
  • 100% alfalfa – No added ingredients
  • Completely natural and pet safe

Timmerman Luzerne as a natural fertilizer

Alfalfa pellets act as a slow release fertilizer that is an excellent source of nitrogen. Alfalfa contains micronutrients and triacontanol, a naturally occurring growth promoter. The alfalfa pellets can be used in different periods:

  • During the growing season, to slowly deliver added nutrients to your garden throughout the season,
  • End of growing season to amend your soil

Timmerman alfalfa for your compost

Soak the pellets in water and then spread them over the compost. The soaked alfalfa quickly generates heat that will help the rest of the compost to decompose. The alfalfa provides a higher nutrient content in your compost and soil, and provides a more nutritious harvest from your garden.