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Alfalfa Pellets ​for dairy cattle, horses, goats, sheep and rodents

Why Alfalfa Pellets

  • Very suitable for the mixed feed industry
  • Available in structure blocks of both in 6 mm and 12 mm pellets. The structure block is suitable for especially rough cellulose in the feed
  • Alfalfa contains 2-3 times as much vitamins as wheat, hay and silage
  • Vitamins and trace elements are important for defence and health
  • Alfalfa is a unique source of carotene

Alfalfa Pellets

The Alfalfa Pellets are suitable for cattle, horses, poultry and rodents. They can very well serve as raw material for feed but also be fed alone. That is why it is an excellent product for the mixed feed industry. Timmerman’s Alfalfa Pellets are known for its excellent quality. A large part of the production is therefore intended for special feed.
After having dried, milled and pelleted Alfalfa, one gets Alfalfa pellets (chunks) in which all characteristics of Alfalfa are preserved with as the most positive characteristics the stable protein content, the rough structure and the richness of vitamins and minerals.

In addition the structure combined with the high mineral content has a beneficial influence on the prevention of claw problems, abomasum torsion and acetonaemia. Moreover the product contains a lot of beta-carotene, which is important for animal fertility and health.

The 12 mm Alfalfa structure block has not been milled and thus contains much more structure than the 6 mm block. This is perfect for adding more structure to your feed.

Also organic available