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Alfalfa Briquettes for poultry, pigs and horses

Why Alfalfa Briquettes

  • Pure Alfalfa without any additions
  • Especially hard-pressed so that the animals need to make an effort
  • Rich in natural vitamins, minerals, trace elements and stable proteins (16%)
  • Due to the artificial drying free of pathogens and paratuberculosis bacteria
  • Precise and easy feeding (1 kg per block)
  • It is very tasty

Alfalfa Briquettes

Alfalfa is a biennial to triennial plant and one of the papilionaceous flowers. Alfalfa contains a large amount of proteins, so that it is a good completion of the daily concentrate.

This new product of Timmerman’s is a perfect welfare feed for many species, for instance chicks, laying-hens, pigs and horses. 

By placing approximately 10 briquettes into a hay net, the animals will play with it, pick in it or munch on it, but the product can be used in many other ways.

Also organic available!