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Timmerman A century of experience

Our own production of Alfalfa guarantees good guality

We produce our own Alfalfa. Quality guaranteed. Groenvoederdrogerij Timmerman is a reliable partner for a constant high quality of Alfalfa products. The Alfalfa is only processes under ideal conditions into structure bales and pellets. As a result Timmerman’s Alfalfa is ideal for your cattle, poultry and horses. They benefit from it. Groenvoederdrogerij Timmerman has SKAL and GMP+ certificates.

A century of know-how and experience

The family business Timmerman was incorporated in 1913. Know-how and experience have been passed on in the company for generations and a whole century long. Times and techniques have changed. Timmerman’s approach has not changed, however. It has continued to select and harvest with its own people and machines on the land. And process Alfalfa into edible and healthy products. Timmerman’s own production of Alfalfa is the secret behind the constant good quality. Groenvoederdrogerij Timmerman has SKAL and GMP+ certificates.

Alfalfa: healthy for animals

Alfalfa is used as raw material for feed but can also be fed to animals alone. Alfalfa is an ideal addition to roughage ration thanks to the high structure and nutritional values. You lay the foundation for an efficient production with artificially dried Alfalfa. Timmerman’s Alfalfa products consist of bales and pellets.

Healthy for the land; Alfalfa pays off

Alfalfa is not only good for animals. Alfalfa culture is also excellent for the land. The tap roots ensure a proper draining of the soil. You need not plough for two years, the work need is slight, you save nitrogen, and you get a higher yield of the subsequent crops. The balance can compete with wheat. Timmerman also offers the opportunity to wage drying and grass drying.