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Sainfoin voor horses, rodents and sheep

Sainfoin is a leguminous forage crop for horses that has some very favorable properties. Next to high-quality nutrients, sainfoin naturally contains high-dose tannic acid, also called tannins. These substances are active against endoparasites and have an anti-inflammatory action. Sainfoin is a premium roughage, and is an alternative to lucerne and grass.

Why sainfoin for horses and rodents?

  • Contains tannins (substance active against endoparasites);
  • Stimulates appetite and saliva production;
  • Contains high-quality proteins;
  • Optimises the natural balance of the intestinal flora;
  • High content in structure-rich fibers and crude fibre;
  • Free of grains, GMO’s, molasses, and other additives.

Can be delivered in 6 mm pellets and in roughage bales of 15-20 kg. Roughage bales are suited for extra crude fibre in the fodder.


With horses with hypersensitivity for stomach and intestinal parasites; Increased need for minerals and vitamins such as during growth, intensive sports, heavy efforts, pregnancy, lactation period and old age; In case of fatigue, lethargy, performance weakness, recovery after illness; For horses that need to be foddered low in sugar and starch; For horses that are too skinny or horses with low appetite; As an addition to hay, haylage and grazing.