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Alfalfa Plus

Alfalfa Plus consists of pure Alfalfa with a few percents of vegetable oil. The oil binds the Alfalfa leaves and improves the uptake. It is important that the leaves are taken up properly, because these contain the high nutritional value. (More information)

Alfalfa Poultry

An average hen will take up approximately 2 grams of Alfalfa a day. Feeding Alfalfa stimulates digestion, diverts and thus stimulates scratching behaviour. Alfalfa is easy to use and put into your poultry stable or winter garden. (More information)

Alfalfa Bale

The Alfalfa structure bales are a natural dry feed that is eminently suitable for milk cows, calves, goats, horses and many other species. (More information)

Alfalfa Briquettes

This new product of Timmerman’s is a perfect welfare feed for many species, for instance chicks, laying-hens, pigs and horses. (More information)

Alfalfa Pellets

The Alfalfa Pellets are suitable for cattle, horses, poultry and rodents. They can very well serve as raw material for feed but also be fed alone.  (More information)

Alfalfa Cubes

The alfalfa cubes are suitable for horses, goats, sheep and alpacas, and are known for their excellent quality. It is preferable to eat the cubes from the ground, a food bowl on the floor is also fine. (More information)


Timothy is the ultimate type of grass for horses and rodents. The leave : stem ratio differs from that of the most common grasses in the Netherlands. For the stem content is higher. Therefore it is much richer in structure and has to be chewed longer. (More information)


Sainfoin is a leguminous forage crop for horses that has some very favorable properties. Next to high-quality nutrients, sainfoin naturally contains high-dose tannic acid, also called tannins. (More information)


Horsemaster is a grass mixture with a soft structure, a high nutritional value and free from ryegrass! In addition to benefiting horses’ digestion, Horsemaster also contributes to the slow release of energy. (More information)

Alfalfa Fertilizer

Plants extract minerals from the soil and when the season ends, these minerals need to be replenished. This means that the soil no longer contains the substances to provide enough nutrition for the growth of your plants. (More information)