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Alfalfa Poultry

Why Alfalfa poultry?

  • Gives a diversion and keeps them active
  • Teaches them to scratch and be soil-oriented
  • Prevents them from picking feathers
  • Supplies the need for structure for a healthy intestinal flora and a good resistance
  • Imitates natural feeding habits
  • As a result of roughage, the amino acids in the concentrate are taken up more thoroughly, so that the nitrogen percentage in dung and urine decreases
  • Results in a lower infection rate and drier dung

Alfalfa poultry

Alfalfa is a biennial to triennial plant and one of the papilionaceous flowers. Alfalfa contains a large amount of proteins, so that it is a good completion of the daily concentrate. An average hen will take up approximately 2 grams of Alfalfa a day. Feeding Alfalfa stimulates digestion, diverts and thus stimulates scratching behaviour. Alfalfa is easy to use and put into your poultry stable or winter garden.

Alfalfa poultry is finely chopped and especially hard-pressed, so that chickens spend a long time in picking and eating the Alfalfa. Alfalfa is a proper means to prevent picking other chickens. Alfalfa can be distributed loose in the stable or be placed in a suitable manger or in a hay net which can be hung from the rafters in the stable. The Alfalfa bales are handy, therefore easy to use and to stack.

Also organic available!



Alfalfa + Chicory Fibre

Advantages of chicory fibre

  • Advantages of chicory fibre
  • Still contains 7% inulin, on which positive intestinal bacteria flourish.
  • Rich in pectin.
  • Stimulates bowel function.
  • Inulin (prebiotics) adds to better shell quality.

(Same price as standard bales)