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Alfalfa Bale for calves, horses and goats

Why Alfalfa

  • Ensures a proper rumen prick
  • High protein and energy values
  • Perfect for use in the feed mixing car
  • Rich in natural vitamins, minerals, trace elements and stable proteins (16%)
  • As a result of artificial drying free of pathogens and paratuberculosis bacteria
  • No addition of (cheaper) Alfalfa blocks
  • 100% home-grown (Zeeland) Alfalfa from the whole plant
  • Very tasty
  • Various lengths of structure available

Alfalfa Bale

The Alfalfa structure bales are a natural dry feed that is eminently suitable for milk cows, calves, goats, horses and many other species.

As opposed to hay and grass, Alfalfa has much structure. This high structure value guarantees an optimal rumen prick which leads to a higher milk production. In addition Alfalfa in rich in natural vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Because Alfalfa is rich in proteins, less additional concentrate is needed.

Because calves, goats and horses prefer a somewhat finer structure than milk cows, we have both coarse and fine Alfalfa. The finer Alfalfa not only has a shorter but also a somewhat thinner stem, so that the structure is not too hard. It is also possible to order a combination of coarse and fine Alfalfa.

Also organic available