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Alfalfa Cubes for horses, goats, sheep and alpacas

Why alfalfa cubes

  • Low in sugar and starch
  • The large size of the cube ensures that aggressive eaters eat more calmly
  • Soaked within 30 minutes for horses with bad teeth
  • Alfalfa contains 2-3 times as many vitamins as grains, hay and silage
  • Vitamins and micronutrients are important for the immune system and health
  • Alfalfa contains very good proteins
  • Very structured

Luzerne Cubes

The alfalfa cubes are suitable for horses, goats, sheep and alpacas, and are known for their excellent quality. It is preferable to eat the cubes from the ground, a food bowl on the floor is also fine. By feeding alfalfa cubes you also prevent boredom, your animals will be occupied for a longer time.

The alfalfa is artificially dried, whereby all the properties of alfalfa are preserved, with the most positive characteristic being the stable protein content, the coarse structure and the richness of vitamins and minerals.